Tritek founded at 1994 then designed and manufactured many kinds of test printers, inspection tools, software for several big companies for more than ten years. After that started Automatic Optical Inspection machines(AOI) business, but we recognized that to make big difference between competitors is not easy in AOI business. So we decided to start new business, industrial ink jet, utilizing our experience and now more than 90% of our sales depend upon this. Industrial ink jet has became our core business and AOI is useful technology for that too.

We have following base machines. We supply customized ink jet printers using these machines.

A) Flatbed multi-pass printer (Stage Jet)

B) Flatbed single-pass printer (One-pass Jet)

C) Roll to Roll single-pass printer (Roll Jet)

D) Printer for cylindrical shaped containers (Cylinder Jet)

E) Printer for building materials(Kenzai-Jet)

F) Print unit mounting on customer’s conveyer(Print Station)

G) Drop watcher(Dot View)

Why we supply customized machines?

*Customers require various specifications on industrial ink jet. Because each company has it’s own production line. Even in one company there are different types of production lines.

*Small modification sometimes yields big profit.

*Using standard machines, it is not easy to make difference between competitors. Customized machine is one of the reasons of being competitive.

We also supply non-customized products, standard machines to supply them many customers with reasonable price. Currently we have following standard machines.

A) “Mark Station” for printing variable data, code, image.

B) “PS1” print station using KYOCERA IJ Head.

Corporate History

1994 Tritek founded then design and manufacture many kinds of test printers, inspection tools,Software for several big companies.

2004 Develops and Starts to sell Automatic Optical Inspection machines (AOI).

2006 Opens Tritek Suzhou in China for AOI business.

2007 Develops and Starts to sell Ink Jet printers for industrial use.

2010 Open Test Center1.

2011 Tritek Suzhou changes business to Ink Jet printer for variable data like bar code using home-delivery and so on.

2014 Open Test Center2.

2014 90% of sales for Ink Jet segment, 5% for AOI and 5% for others.

2016 Head office relocated to Kashiwazaki Frontier Park in Kashiwazaki-city.