We have consciousness high about protection of personal information, deal with the personal information which We kept appropriately, and strive for protection of privacy.

Compliance about personal information

We observe the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs, guideline and applicable laws and regulations.

Usage about personal information

When we collect personal information from a visitor, We will specify the use purpose and will use in the range required for the purpose achievement. And we do not provide and indicate and consent of a visitor does not make a visitor’s personal information there be nothing at a third person.

Safety measure

We accumulate and keep it and our company makes safe the kept personal information under suitable management, in order that unlawful access, loss, an alteration, disclosure, etc. may not occur.

Organization and a continuous improvement

We builds the organization which observes protection of personal information while deciding upon a required rule for every protection-of-personal-information regulation and business about handling and system of personal information. And we correspond these to social situation change or revision of a statute, and aim at reexamination periodically and continuously.

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