Inkjet lineup

Tritek “Tri JET” machine lineup

•Patterning JET

Patterning JET is suitable inkjet system for various material developments.

•Stage JET

Tritek Stage JET is full-dressed, high accuracy industrial inkjet system, basically installed 6colors of inks.(CMYK+2colors)
Ink types would be your choice from solvent, UV, water-based and oil-based ink.

•Kenzai JET

Kenzai JET corresponds to print on various building materials.
Print speed on standard mode:50㎡/h
Large size print(Max print size:1.2m*4m)
choice of Ink types

•OnePass JET

OnePass JET is the testing system suitable for various one-pass print simulation.

•Roll JET

High speed Single-pass inkjet printer.


PrintStation is Inkjet printer unit system to use your existent system.
Number of heads and ink types are as your choice.
Adjustable head parameters(voltage, pulse width, frequency, temperature).