Inkjet Test

Ink-jet ink/media evaluation(pay test)

Before you start considering purchase ink-jet system, its necessary to have an evaluation test of ink-jet ink and media. We are able to do it with a reasonable price.

•Test contents

Making samples・・・We make print samples using your original inks/medias with our variety of ink-jet systems.

Ink evaluation・・・We evaluate your ink with our drop watcher system “Dot View”.

Other test・・・please contact us.

•Variety of inks

We are able to handle many type of inks: UV-curable inks (CMYKW), Water-based inks (CMYK).

Conductive silver ink, insulating ink and strong solvent based ink are also available.

•Custom-made system

We offer you custom-made system based on customer specifications.

Please feel free to contact us.