With XY-stage multi-pass printer

Stage Jet

Heads move along X axis and table moves along Y axis. Both X and Y axis are driven by linear motor which repeat accuracy is 1 micro meter because the resolution of linear encoder is less than 1 micro meter. Absolute accuracy is realized with the glass mask.

Customer can use both automatic ink supply and manual ink supply. For commercial production, automatic ink supply is necessary and for trial production with a small quantity of ink, manual ink supply is useful.

Table with air vacuum is from A4 to 2m x 2m size according to requirement. Optionally heater in the table can be added.

XYθ alignment function with camera and jetting observation system can be Optionally added.

For UV ink, UV lamp also can be Optionally added with one side or both sides.

Customer can select heads among Konicaminolta, Kyocera, Richo, Toshiba tech and Fuji-Dimatix.